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Pattern, Fall 2021
Real Analysis & Topology, Fall 2021 - Spring 2022
Multiplicity: Problems in Graphic Design and Topology (Princeton), Spring 2021

99 Variations on a Proof, Princeton, 2019; Hanser, 2020; Morikita, 2021
Parallel Painting: On Kanishka Raja’s Ornament and Translation, in PostWest 2a: Ornament and Translation, Barbara Walters Gallery, Sarah Lawrence College, 2018
Triangle O, Bulletins of the Serving Library 9, 2015
How to Look at Mathematical Objects, interview with Mark Green for exhibition catalog, Man Ray: Human Equations, Hatje Cantz, 2015
Round and Round and Round, Bulletins of the Serving Library 7, 2014
A Definite Intuition, Bulletins of the Serving Library 5, 2013
Mathematical Objects, Cabinet 41, 2011
Mathematical Side Effects and the Art of Al Taylor, catalog essay, Steidl/David Zwirner, 2011

A note on quasi-alternating Montesinos links (w. Abhijit Champanerkar), J. Knot Theory Ramifications 24 (9) 2015
Constructing doubly-pointed Heegaard diagrams compatible with (1,1) knots, J. Knot Theory Ramifications, 22 (11) 2013
The Ozsváth-Szabó and Rasmussen concordance invariants are not equal (w. Matthew Hedden), Amer. J. Math. 130 (2) 2008, 441-453
On knot Floer homology of satellite (1,1) knots, PhD thesis, Columbia University, 2006

The Mathematical Intelligencer, associate editor
Mathematical Research Postcards, editorial and artistic advisory panel
Simplicity: Ideals of Practice in Mathematics and the Arts (w. Roman Kossak), Springer, 2017

Model Theories (w. Helena Kauppila), Ford Project, 2012
Proofs and Refutations (w. Alexandra Whitney), David Zwirner gallery, 2011