CS 10 Homework 3

Due by the beginning of class Tuesday, February 11

All of the supporting files required for these problems are available in the CS 10 class folder under Homework/HW3. Just ignore the steps in the book's instructions that refer to "your Data Disk". If you can't access the class folder easily, the files are also available on the CD-ROM that came with your book.

  1. Case Problem 2 on page 3.50 (Kelsey's Diner).

  2. Case Problem 3 on page 3.51 (Pixal Digital Products, Inc.).

  3. Work through all of Tutorial 4, including the Review Assignment at the end on pages 4.54-56. If you wish, you may skip the first part of the tutorial dealing with text tables on pages 4.02-06, and start with the section "Defining a Table Structure" on page 4.07.

  4. Create a file called Schedule.htm that shows your schedule for a typical week as an HTML table. Color-code the cells of your table to make it more readable (for example, you could show the different meeting times of a particular class in the same color). Your table should have a separate column for each weekday (Monday through Friday), with the name of the weekday at the top. The leftmost column should specify time increments in hours or half-hours.

  5. Convert the following hexadecimal numbers (base 16) to decimal (base 10). Show all of the steps involved. Convert the following decimal numbers to hexadecimal. Show all of the steps involved.

  6. Read over Tutorials 5 and 6 for next week.

Turning in your homework

For part 5, write out your answers on a piece of paper and turn this in during class on Tuesday.

For parts 1-4, create separate folders to hold all of the files for each problem. Please use the following folder names: Kelsey, Pixal, ParkCity, and Schedule. Put these four folders into a single top-level folder called Your Name HW 3 and drop the folder into the CS 10 drop box.

If you're an off-campus student who can't easily access the class folder, you may create a single zip file of your folder called Your Name HW 3.zip and email this file to me as an attachment with the file name as subject line. The easiest way to create a zip file in Windows is to right-click on your folder and select "Add to filename.zip".