Split-Brain Experiments




Task: flash different words to different hemispheres and see if patient can draw an integrated picture

One hemisphere sees SKY, other hemisphere sees SCRAPER, patient draws picture of sun and clouds next to a scraping knife

Right hemisphere sees FIRE, followed by ARM, patient draws picture of a rifle

False Memories

Left hemisphere sees picture of a chicken's foot; right hand (controlled by LH) points to picture of a rooster

Right hemisphere sees picture of a winter snow scene; left hand (controlled by RH) points to picture of a shovel

Left hemisphere asked why left hand is pointing to a shovel

It doesn't know, but it makes up an explanation anyway: "left hand chose shovel to clean out a chicken shed"

Narrative Interpreter Mechanism


Basic Neurobiology of the Neuron

Action Potentials Firing of Action Potentials

Electrical Properties of Axons

Interactions Between Neurons MORAL:  Neurons perform very complex analog computations; their exact behavior depends on a wide range of electrical, chemical, temporal, and spatial parameters.

Models of the Neuron

McCulloch-Pitts Neuron

Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Connectionist Neuron Example

Sigma-Pi Neuron

Network Architectures