Assignment 5 -- Simple Recurrent Networks

Due by class time Monday, November 18

In this assignment you will experiment with the simple recurrent network (SRN) architecture described by Elman in his paper Finding Structure in Time.  You may use the code from Assignment 4 as your starting point for this assignment if you wish, or you may implement your network from scratch.

You will need to add a context layer to make your network an SRN.  This is just an additional set of input units, which store a copy of the hidden unit activations from the previous time step.  Be sure to copy the hidden unit activations to the context layer only after the weights have been adjusted for a given input.

Experiment with two of the following problems:

Turning in Your Homework

Your code should be handed in electronically, using the cs152submit (or cs152submitall) command on turing. A file called README.txt that explains clearly how to compile and run your simulation is also required. In addition, please turn in a writeup of your experiments in class. Your writeup should explain as clearly as possible what experiments you did, what results you got, and what you concluded from it all. Think of it as a science lab report.

Based on an assignment by Michael Gasser