Zoomable PDF available at link below.

Exploring Ways to Make a Remote Physics Classroom More Inclusive


In support of movements like Black Lives Matter, #ShutdownAcademia, and #ShutdownSTEM, I knew I needed to address social justice issues in my introductory physics classroom as well as increase my efforts to ensure a safe, equitable, and inclusive space for my undergraduate students. Due to the ongoing pandemic, these changes would need to happen in a primarily remote learning environment. This poster will explore the strategies and technology I utilized over the past academic year to create a more supportive, accessible, and inclusive remote learning environment for my calculus-based introductory physics courses. I will be sharing feedback from students and results of formal assessments looking at changes in students’ science identity responses over the course of the year. I will also share my thoughts regarding how a well-designed remote learning environment may provide even more productive discussions on tough topics such as social justice than similar in-person environments.

AAPT 2021 Virtual Summer Meeting